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SendFilez.net is completely free.

Faster download speed.

The maximum filesize for a single file is 128 MB.

The file can be downloaded at any time and as often as you need it.

File Life: 30 days.

No worries Follow this guide to share large files!
  1. We recommend you to use WinRAR for this purpose. Click here to Download WinRAR.
  2. Dowload according to your system and Install WinRAR
  3. After installation finishes, Right-click the large file(s) you want to share and select Add to archive....
  4. In the archive creation dialog, you will see an option Split to volumes, size in the bottom-left corner.
  5. Enter size as: 128 and select MB from the dropdown-list
  6. Done! Now, you are all set, click OK whenever you are ready.
  7. The archive creation will take some time depending upon the size of your file.
  8. After archive creation process is completed, you will have an archive with multiple volumes splitted in the size of 128MB
  9. Hurrah! Now you can upload these files using our service.
Please note that, in this case, recipient will also need WinRAR to extract the file from these volumes.
You can send up to 128MB each file. You can use the service as often as you would like to.
Your link will expire after 30 days and then will no longer be available.
For any issue or feature request, contact us at [email protected]
To report a bug, contact us at [email protected]